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See the Ninth edition of the AtocTli Magazine for Migrant Workers that workers on Canadian farms. Atoctli free colour, bilingual –English and Spanish-, printed magazine. Download ... Continua leyendo →

Watch out! Cold and Flu Prevention

       Send to print     Cold and flu season is here, for that reason some people will get their flu shots this year. This will help ... Continua leyendo →

The Presence

       Send to print     I met my now husband in Canada, where we married. After waiting two years, he was finally able to leave the ... Continua leyendo →

Jealous Partner Expression of Love?

       Send to print     Have you heard or said: “I don’t like you talking to that person”; ¿Why are they looking at you?”; ... Continua leyendo →

Migrating Parents

       Send to print     Parents are one of children’s most important role models. Whether we recognize it or not, children absorb ... Continua leyendo →

Effects of communication on agricultural work safety

       Send to print     In October 2013 I was fortunate to speak at the Canadian Agricultural Safety Association (CASA) annual conference ... Continua leyendo →

Do you know the LSWP?

       Send to print     Given the opportunities to work in Canada, its government set the Seasonal Foreign Workers Program, which, ... Continua leyendo →

20 milliseconds are a lot of time

       Send to print     The title may seem exaggerated, for if we divide a second in 20 thousand parts and say they are a lot of time, ... Continua leyendo →