Distance and Communication in the family

       Send to print     Communication is an art. Each person has their personal style and it takes time and practice to find the best ... Continua leyendo →

They are your Siblings

       Send to print     One Sunday afternoon, a temporary worker from Guatemala I had met at one of my talks on a farm called me to ... Continua leyendo →

What do you know About Sexually Transmitted Diseases?

       Send to print     Have you heard of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), of their symptoms and consequences? Did you know that ... Continua leyendo →

The free Medical Service and Private Insurance of Migrant Workers

       Send to print     In Canada medical service is free for all legal residents. To a large extent this service is paid with the ... Continua leyendo →

Temporary work in Canada with the help of the STPS

       Send to print     Canadian and Mexican Governments are committed to promote orderly, legal and safe flow of temporary workers ... Continua leyendo →

Help us to Serve you Better

       Send to print     Solving crime, arresting people and pressing charges is often times very difficult for police to do. Unlike ... Continua leyendo →

The Consulate of Mexico in Vancouver carries out Essential Protection for Migrant Workers

       Send to print     Improving working conditions for workers and informing the employers of their rights and obligations of the ... Continua leyendo →

A brief overview of the Migrant Worker Community Program

       Send to print     A brief overview of the Migrant Worker Community Program Since its inception in 2002 the Migrant Worker Community ... Continua leyendo →