Oral  Health Care

Oral Health Care

       Send to print     For a healthy mouth and teeth we must also take care of our body. When your mouth is healthy, it is most likely ... Continua leyendo →

Two words

       Send to print     One December afternoon we were playing soccer on the street by my house. That morning I had received my report ... Continua leyendo →

Tips for Talking to Your Children

       Send to print     Family conversations about simple and informal topics help build closer relationships with your children. Discussing ... Continua leyendo →

Bedbugs, a Major Problem That may Travel

       Send to print     Incredibly, bedbugs are an uncommon problem in many countries around the world so many migrant workers (MW) ... Continua leyendo →

Annual Health and Information Fair

The Migrant Workers Community Program (MWCP) conducted its 2015 Annual Health & Information Fair for migrant workers in Leamington, Ontario. According to MWCP: “This event helps ... Continua leyendo →
Bienestar CCRDD

How Much Does a Moment of Fun Cost?

       Send to print     The experience of working abroad is very interesting, because you take on a job, get to know another culture ... Continua leyendo →
Bienestar adopcion

Adopting a Child a Sensitive Issue

       Send to print     What do you know about adoption? Do you think it’s only giving your surname to a child? Adopting is a very ... Continua leyendo →
Bienestar Los encargos

Last Request

       Send to print     It was February when I picked up some migrant workers at the airport who, like thousands of people, every year ... Continua leyendo →