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Oral Hygiene Tips

       Send to print     The mouth is exposed to many bacteria produced by remains of food that generate tartar, cavities, bleeding ... Continua leyendo →

How to Prove We Did Pay

       Send to print     Have you ever wondered how you can prove that you actually paid for the items you’ve purchased? We must always ... Continua leyendo →

Healthy Teeth for You and for Your Family

       Send to print     Dental treatments can be very costly and often painful, especially when there is extensive damage. To avoid ... Continua leyendo →

The 3 streets

       Send to print     Dear Rick, I hope you’re well. You can’t imagine how much I enjoyed Puerto Vallarta; there are so many ... Continua leyendo →

A Positive Work Environment

       Send to print     We spend many hours a day at work, and unfortunately we cannot always say the place where we work is pleasing. ... Continua leyendo →

Distance and Communication in the family

       Send to print     Communication is an art. Each person has their personal style and it takes time and practice to find the best ... Continua leyendo →

They are your Siblings

       Send to print     One Sunday afternoon, a temporary worker from Guatemala I had met at one of my talks on a farm called me to ... Continua leyendo →

What do you know About Sexually Transmitted Diseases?

       Send to print     Have you heard of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), of their symptoms and consequences? Did you know that ... Continua leyendo →