para que trabajamos en el extranjero

What Do We Work in Another Country For?

       Send to print     In telling me his story, Usiel Osorio said all migrant workers know why they go to another country, but few ... Continua leyendo →

Are You Yelling at Me?

       Send to print     People communicate verbally (with words) and nonverbally (without words). Elements of nonverbal communication ... Continua leyendo →

How do You Say?

       Send to print     Canada was colonized by English and French, so its official languages are French and English. However, thanks ... Continua leyendo →

Our Stories. Keep on Coming! Blaine McFadden

       Send to print     My name is Blaine. This is the third year the farm I work for is involved in the SAWP. And really, it’s changed ... Continua leyendo →

Anonymous Heroes: Juan Galindo, “The Royal Eagle”

       Send to print     This is a summary of the interview with “El Águila Real” that shows in the videos section of I ... Continua leyendo →


       Send to print     We kept on working intensively; we had two interviews, attended to the Safety week and talked with farmers ... Continua leyendo →

Honeymoon in a Violent Relationship?

       Send to print     Many people think women subjected to violence enjoy being abused, and because they’re not smart they tolerate ... Continua leyendo →

Friendship as a Human Value

       Send to print     Human beings are sociable by nature, so this is why we need to live together with others. This is also why ... Continua leyendo →