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Relieve Muscle Cramps

       Send to print     Muscle cramps can be very uncomfortable. For some they are a result of overuse or injury. Others will get muscle ... Continua leyendo →

911 – Lifesaving number

       Send to print     Fortunately, emergencies are infrequent, but when they do happen immediate help is essential. In Canada, the ... Continua leyendo →
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Emotional Violence in the Work Place

       Send to print     Mónica Bulnes de Lara Fortunately, good fellow workers are always around wherever ... Continua leyendo →

Click here to see and print the magazine 4ta ed.

See the fourth edition of the AtocTli Magazine for Migrant Workers that workers on Canadian farms. Atoctli free colour, bilingual –English and Spanish-, printed magazine. Download ... Continua leyendo →
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Take Care of your Documents and Avoid Problems!

       Send to print     In another Atoctli article we addressed the importance of reading all papers where we write our name or signature ... Continua leyendo →

Our Stories. To Reach our Dreams. Usiel Osorio

       Send to print     I come from a family of twelve. I started working in the fields because I wasn’t able to study because we ... Continua leyendo →

Seasonal Agricultural Workers Program in Canada

       Send to print     The Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) has four streams requiring workers with different qualifications.   We ... Continua leyendo →
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Do You Use Pesticides?

       Send to print     All pesticides –from the ones used in domestic gardens to those requiring special certification- must be ... Continua leyendo →