Congratulations and Comments

  1. Message from the Ministry of Agriculture of Nova Scotia

  2. 5 Strangers THAT STORY OF YOURS WAS VERY GOOD, MARGARITA, and in a way, thank you to our marvelous landscapes and to our Mexican people’s kindness (many of them, Program workers). Somehow, many of us have had similar experiences in our trips. You may never see your hosts again but they leave you a pleasant taste of Mexico that makes many foreigners decide to come back and stay. STPS New Offices. Good of you for reporting about the new Ministry of Labour facilities with details about the Subway and Metrobus.
  3. THANK YOU MARGARITA FOR the fruits of your persistence and enterprising capacity. This is proof that you’re on the right track. Many, many congratulations.
  4. Good projects excite me, Margarita, and yours seems extraordinary to me. I’m honoured to be able to participate. Don’t forget to take a few minutes’ rest every day, ok?
  5. Great God, Margarita! Congratulations! I hope you’re VERY proud of your work as much as I am of you!
  6. Many congratulations on your magazine, videos, information. I know many will benefit from all. Your considerable dedication and work are evident.
  7. Gee, Margarita! It’s so good! Many, many congratulations on this great achievement! It’s a useful and very professional magazine! Surely you’ll be very proud of this “brain child” that, surely, has given fruits from its very first issue, helping targeted people.
  8. My mother was very excited by the pictures enclosed to the Chicken with Mushrooms video. I really liked the last part.
  9. I navigated into your magazine website and LOVED IT! CONGRATULATIONS! Navigating is very easy and its topics most up to date.
  10. Ana Luisa P. Villaseñor’s articles are very clear and direct!
  11. The best of vibes so your magazine is successful. GREAT LUCK!
  12. Dear MargaritaI  greatly appreciate your work and love having several copies at hand that I’ll hand out to people who might be interested in this effort
  13. Hello, the Website is very interesting and above all the idea is excellent. Congratulations. Truly, definitely be sure we’ll propagate it.
  14. Hi Margarita. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Your efforts and perseverance are paying dividends for workers and employers. The accolades to you are well deserved. Keep up the good work.
  15. Hi Margarita, I have forwarded your website to other farmers and asked to put comments on your web site. I also recommended it to our Operations manager and rest of the Canadian crew. I did read your 5 strangers story, it was quite something. All the best to you in the future.
  16. Hi Margarita. I did get the two previous magazines and I could print them fine… I also signed up for your e-magazine subscription. Thanks again, and I really did enjoy your magazine and the articles myself.
  17. Hi Margarita. Congratulations on the interview! You did a fabulous job and I’m very happy that you differentiated between the two programs.
  18. Margarita! Amazing! This is wonderful tool for farmers, workers and authorities involved. So proud of you!!!
  19. Just catching up, great idea the 911 poster for workers.
  20. Margarita. How wonderful that you are doing so well! – Also I LOVED the YouTube video with the chicken and mushroom recipe, so creative. Well done.
  21. Hi Margarita. Naturally I want all of our Mexican workers to be as happy as possible. It is a long time for them to be away from their families. Their attitude and work ethic are phenomenal. You of course may mention any of our workers and me at any time. Your informative news information is great.
  22. Hi Margarita. What you are doing is great. I think you need to talk directly to our great Mexican guys. Thank you
  23. Good day Margarita. I finally had a chance to listen to the CBC radio interview. I would like to take this opportunity to personally congratulate you for the magazine.