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See the Eleventh edition of the AtocTli Magazine for Migrant Workers that workers on Canadian farms. Atoctli free colour, bilingual –English and Spanish-, printed magazine. Download ... Continua leyendo →
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2014 Latincouver BC -  Artículo “Canada´s Minister of Revenue recognizes 10 most influential Hispanics”  Notimex -  Artículo “Canadá reconoce a tres mexicanos entre ... Continua leyendo →

E. Babkirk Tax Preparation

       Send to print     ll workers must apply to have their Income Tax filed with the Canadian government to find out if the employer ... Continua leyendo →

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September 15, important date for many

       Send to print     AtocTli attended the Mexican Independence celebrations held in Leamington, Ontario, Canada. This was a traditional ... Continua leyendo →