Oral  Health Care

Oral Health Care

       Send to print     For a healthy mouth and teeth we must also take care of our body. When your mouth is healthy, it is most likely ... Continua leyendo →

Two words

       Send to print     One December afternoon we were playing soccer on the street by my house. That morning I had received my report ... Continua leyendo →

Tips for Talking to Your Children

       Send to print     Family conversations about simple and informal topics help build closer relationships with your children. Discussing ... Continua leyendo →

Bedbugs, a Major Problem That may Travel

       Send to print     Incredibly, bedbugs are an uncommon problem in many countries around the world so many migrant workers (MW) ... Continua leyendo →

Annual Health and Information Fair

The Migrant Workers Community Program (MWCP) conducted its 2015 Annual Health & Information Fair for migrant workers in Leamington, Ontario. According to MWCP: “This event helps ... Continua leyendo →

Evaluation to Farmers and comparative table 2013-2014

       Send to print     In Atoctli Number 11 we published the result of the Mexican worker’s evaluation of their farmers in the 2014 ... Continua leyendo →
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New Workers have a Right to Know

       Send to print     Congratulations!, You got a new job. Please make sure that your first day is not your last. Employers must ... Continua leyendo →
Health Canada

Hazard Symbols when Working with Pesticides

       Send to print     In Canada there are pesticides with different degrees of toxicity. The hazards of these pesticides are represented ... Continua leyendo →