AtocTli 2nd number

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Editorial AtocTli

       Send to print     We are the first and only free, bilingual magazine that by a constructive message helps improve communication ... Continua leyendo →

How can one be a good supervisor? (Canadian)

       Send to print     To find out, we asked workers from different countries in several Canadian provinces, both from the Seasonal ... Continua leyendo →
We are what we eat

Basic principles for a good nutrition

       Send to print     As we know, nutrition is the basis of health in the human being and a good nutrition shall give us all the nutrients ... Continua leyendo →

September 15, important date for many

       Send to print     AtocTli attended the Mexican Independence celebrations held in Leamington, Ontario, Canada. This was a traditional ... Continua leyendo →

Mexican Workers Better Trained

       Send to print     In we spoke about the course designed by WorkSafe British Columbia in collaboration with the ... Continua leyendo →

Our Stories: We all have the opportunity. Herminio Pascual

       Send to print     Herminio Pascual comes from Guerrero, Mexico. He’s been with the Seasonal Agricultural Workers Program (SAWP) ... Continua leyendo →

I Dislike Him/Her!

       Send to print     I’m sure you have met someone you disliked, and that you could probably list personality traits and actions ... Continua leyendo →